Customer Care

Greetings i am sherin,how can i help you.saying these lines as a starting conversation over a phone call was not even in my distant dreams.yet now i am,as they say life is full of surprises.i still remember my heart beating faster when i was about to take my first call.Thanks to all those seniors sat by my side and helped now i am able to attend calls without much fear.Also since we are using our own language(malayalam)to communicate it also helps.

minus of working in a call centre.
1)our client is sun direct if there is a problem with getting channels you can expect lot of bad words from the customer over phone.
2)Salary is less even if there are options for getting more money if you work over time and on off days.
3)Even though there are no targets the number of calls increases after 6 pm and you might loose lot of working hours doing the tagging of all calls.But seniors said with time you become good at multitasking and hence things will get easier.Also the team leaders starts shouting -fast,lot of calls in queue!.
4)you will make and loose friends quickly.most of the people working there view it as a temporary job.
5)Not much scope of getting promotions.

Things i found liking.
1)Happiness and satisfaction are some of those things which money can’t buy everytime.when a person of a fathers age calls and seek help calling me sir,and if i am able to resolve the issue over phone,i feel as i am the happiest person in the world.
2)Each day you can sit next to a new person(male and female) and if you are one of those persons who like sharing stories with each other you will enjoy.
3)you will get confidence in doing things especially if you are an introvert like me.when you can handle abusive calls without becoming angry,you will learn patience which i guess is a plus for any job.
4)Every call is being recorded and you will try to keep the quality in calls.
5)most of the call center companies provide cab facility within a given area for all shifts.


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