There are simply two beautiful reasons i went to watch this malayalam is the name varsham meaning rain and second mammootty.

The story revolves round mammootty and his family consisting of his son and wife(asha sharath). mammootty runs a finance company and is rich.Both love their son very much.They want him to acheive everything they couldn’t or better than other parents like a toy their son who is around 16 year old does everything like swimming,karatte,singing etc. apart from studying for their wish and he also love them very much.close to the interval mammootty beats his son one night for helping their poor servant for giving money(he got it rs 10000 as reimpursement for discontinuing swimming class) to build his house.Mammootty scolds him saying he have not seen even 100 rupees at his age.The next day morning they find their son dead due to cardiac arrest.

so the second half of the movie is about how they cope up with this tragedy.He slowly recognizes that money has value when it is used for good purposes.He starts by helping a poor family by giving money for their son’s surgery,building educational system for studying students at low cost giving it name of his son.lending loans for lower interests but the other financiers doesn’t like this and the rest of the story is about how he overcomes these troubles and becoming the newsmaker of that year.


Actually there are a lot of scenes in this movie where rain has been portrayed sometimes bringing good things to mammoottys character and sometimes bad.But i should say it was the raining of good messages like importance of helping others,making a difference and most importantly realizing there is a big world of people living outside our small family which makes this a good movie.

There is a very good reason for good movie lovers to not miss this movie.yes it is mammootty.His performance in this movie once again proves why still he is considered as one of the best in indian cinema.


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